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Dreaming has been there since the existence of man Essay Example for Free

Dreaming has been there since the existence of man Essay Dreaming is a communication between the body, mind and the spirit in a symbolic communicative environmental state of being. Our brains being active way all the time, but at different states of consciousness example, being alert, awake, asleep, bored, day dreaming cause different waves in brain as far as the activity is concerned. The brain mind and spirit, while at rest (when a person is sleeping) will review and analyses many things. This goes around emotions, ideas, thoughts, actions of a short terms memory. This has a background of someone’s past life, and philosophy to influence it. The mind is also processing spiritual data, beliefs, and any communication from the higher power (God). All this information together with subconscious of what people ever told you, is then processed but without supervision by any person. All this information is put together by the mind in a form of Visual Screen play, as a mixture of many things such as sight, sound, emotion and imagined interactivity. This will definitely yield that which is referred to as dreams. Dreaming is easily influenced by factors in a person’s life and spirit, these influences bring about divisions that almost same as God’s. They are usually categorized as standard, prophetic, nightmares and physical dreams. Standard dreams have a tendency of precognition happening randomly. Prophetic ones are those dreams carrying a message of what is going to happen in the future. It could be calling for repentance, change of behavior or getting prepared for an on coming disaster. Nightmares are sort of dreams that will frighten or upset the dream and it may take some time before someone gets back to sleep after having a nightmare. This is why dreaming is such a important thing because sometimes it may bring wealth, health, escape, spiritual gain etc. if dreaming is taken seriously, that is if people could get to concentrate and remember their dreams, there could be very important messages hidden in the dreams. Dreaming may be important to remember and I will discuss a few ways that would help a person interested in recalling their dreams do so. It is believed that if you get to bed a well relaxed person, pay attention to the main issues on the mind, give yourself a suggestion/idea to remember your dreams, plan to wake up slowly and peacefully such that you don’t lost track of the dream you may have had by rocketing out of the bed; then most likely you will manage to recall the dreams you had in the night. It is also suggested that each a well balanced diet will help recall your dreams this is for the reason that all parts of the body including the brain is well nourished with a healthy diet. Once the person recalls the dream, it is important to analyze it. This can be done by identifying the main concept of the dream. This will involve taking away all details and looking at the dream as a whole. Concepts are for helping someone find the bigger picture and since they are too vague to use as a clear picture it is important then to take away details that appear vague and be left with the very central picture. Once this is done then it is important to match the concept to a certain area of your life. Try to see if there any element of your life that seems very precious to you, and then look if there is any possibility of it being damaged in any way as far as the dreams is concerned. If the answer is that there could be damage to your life, then re-examine the situation and the solution might just present itself to you. Dreaming and its meaning are somehow related to animals and other universal symbols. Animals are sometimes symbolizing our traits, good or bad. Vehicles are to symbolize the direction we are headed. Children may symbolize something new and joyous while clothing may symbolize moods which are also related to attitudes we usually have. While dreaming about death may be common and scaring it is believed to bring changes and very dramatic and major ones. It may symbolize confronting fear of change or fear of death. It could also signify threat. Another common dream is that involving people. This may be a symbol of a personal trait as long as the dream is not prophetic.

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The Complex Issue of Gun Control Essay -- gun laws, illegal firearms

Taking into account of the recent shooting sprees, the gun control debate has started again. However, people have contemplated: â€Å"Why does America need gun laws† and â€Å"Why are so many states disagreeing about the restrictions that need to be put in place for civilians looking to purchase firearms.† The reasoning for such contemplation is that the fluxuating strictness of gun laws have led to several incidences within states that have strict gun laws due to the fact that the perpetrators of these incidences have purchased their firearms either from black markets, or states where the severity of gun control is at minimal levels. One of the most important aspects of the debate centered on gun legislature is the distribution of illegal firearms to felons, criminals and American youth. Witemute’s article hints that there have been several illegal gun sales from unauthorized markets and to those under the legal ages of 18 or 21 depending on the type of firearm being sold. Unfortunately, these illegal sales have resulted in an increase in gun related injuries and deaths. (55) Another aspect of this debate is in fact, the lobbyists that are pushing for more lenient or tighter gun-laws. It seems that the lobbyists that wanted stricter firearm-related laws are the ones who have witnessed the damage that criminals and the mentally unstable can really do with a gun in their hand. Those pushing for leniency when it comes to gun legislature state that firearms are trying to protect their right to carry an essential tool for those who want to venture the countryside in search for animals to shoot down for food, clothing or sport. The last aspects of the controversy are the federal and state laws that have decided whether or not concealed wea... ...ina in the other hand has prohibited the possession of any firearm to civilians other than sportsmen, hunters and security personnel. Even though rifles and shotguns are permitted, they require a time consuming licensing procedure in order to even possess one and the only citizens that can procure them are sportsmen who need these firearms to hunt and shoot skeet disks. Works Cited Wintemute, Garen J. "Where the Guns Come from: The Gun Industry and Gun Commerce." Princeton University 2002: 54-71. Web. 24 Nov. 2013. Jost, Kennth. â€Å"Remembering 9/11.† CQ Researcher 2 Sept. 2011: 701-732 Wright, Stephen E. â€Å"Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives.† Ed. Christine Watkins. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Issues. Rpt. From â€Å"Anti-Gun Group Common Sense Laws and Real Common Sense.† 2010. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 28 Oct 2013.

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Topshop Marketing Plan

Market OverviewTarget market: The Topshop Corporation focus on the customers of young people, who is between 15 and 30 years old, especially for young females who likes to pubbing, clubbing and have a sense of fun. For this moment, our consumer market niche is not the higher income level but the young people on budget. Customer profile:Our customer profile is young people driven by a need to be fashionable and trendy, they like all trend setting magazines. Our brand also appears to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. Competitor profile:The main competitors includes H&M, Zara, French Connection and GAP. These companies are all retailer corporations, which has international business and online retail stores, and larger market shares in fashion retail market comparing with Topshop.Marketing ObjectivesGoals . The objectives can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the Topshop Corporation is focusing on the international business, the recent o bjective is built more than 100 stores all over the world in less than five years to raise the awareness of the brand. Secondly, in order to increase the sales, the Topshop corporation decides to expand their market targeting level, raising the brand position, promoting the cooperation with famous international fashion designer, the objective is to build a international fashion brand with different position of sales.Marketing StrategyYour strategy and marketing mix: [Use this section to summarize the overall strategy and marketing mix (The 8 P’s Product: The Topshop corporation will not change fashion clothing as its main product, but more accessories will be promoted to the market,Place and Timeï ¼Å¡ Price Promotion Process Physical Environment PeopleProductivity and Quality you will use to position yourself within the market to meet your customers’ needs. Whatever your strategy, you goal should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors to encourage customer s to choose your business first.]Action Steps Top 10 Action Steps: [Create a list of the Top 10 action steps that will bring your theoretical objectives (your marketing strategy and objectives) to life. E.g. Finish S.W.O.T. Activity Sheet, complete marketing budget] Background AnalysisThe background analysis should give a snapshot of where you are right now, where you have been and where you want to go. Undertaking this process will help you to define your business's capabilities and find opportunities within your particular market. Finally, defining your core business elements will ensure that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly.Business overview [The overview should cover the nuts and bolts of your business including:The name, structure and date of establishment Topshop is a British multinational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. It was established in Sheffield, UK, in 1964. Details about the owne rs (their names, roles and levels of experience etc.) What your business is about (your business mission, vision and values) The key business objectives you would like to achieveAn outline of the main products and services sold A financial analysis of your business including sales and profitability A S.W.O.T. analysis of your business to set a line in the sand]SWOT analysisThe strength of the Topshop Corporation is that the owner of Topshop is the  Arcadia Group, which can provide favorable management and strong financial support for its subsidiary company. Moreover, the Topshop brand has take a large market share in the British mainland, the influence of the brand is deep among British people, and it has more than 300 stores nationwide and provides many different kinds of choices in product lines and design variety of products with thousands of looks per season creatively.The weakness of the Topman Corporation is their international market, the company is global, but it has store s only in a few countries worldwide, the market share is poor in US and China which are the two biggest markets in the world. A large number of staff and products make it difficult to manage and increase the management costs. And, big store space lead to weak customer services. On web shopping, there is no detail and size for accessorizes.The opportunity for the Topshop Corporation is the potential market in the oversea market. There are lots of young people in China and US, and they have great purchasing power, which is a good opportunity for Topshop to invest. And compared with other fashion retailers, it is not just targeting at young people, but also white-collared workers and a part of mid-aged persons who follow the latest fashion.The threats are from the competitors like Zara, H&M and French Collection. Like Topshop, they are all fashion clothing retailers, the competitors may have lower market shares in Britain than Topshop, but their sales are mostly from the overseas marke t, and their brands have been accepted by the local people. If Topshop want to expand the oversea market, it is necessary to show its unique features and improve quality and retain low price and good design, and face some limitations from government policies and to know about the cultural and demands of the local environment as soon as possibleObjectives: Vision and mission:The Topshop Corporation is an international fashion retailer, it has over 440 shops all over the world, more than 300 in Britain, which takes more than  50%. For the recent years, the British economy was not very good, so the sell in the mainland was below average. In the age of rapid globalization, technological innovation, population boom, and environmental change, the need of international marketing are pressing. From the topshop international segmentations, we can get the point that the international market has not been fully developed.US, the biggest economic entity in the world, only have four topshop sto res, and the second biggest economic entity, China, only have one. This market shares is not enough in these two countries. Take Zara as an example, we can know the importance to expand an oversea market. The Zara Corporation is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer, very similarly with Topshop, but Zara opened more than 150 stores in China, almost every big cities in china, and Zara corporation’s sales grew with an amazing speed, and became the leader in the fashion clothing industry.The first goal is named â€Å"explore the new world†, which means the Topshop Corporation is aimed at developing the oversea marketing, especially China and US. The plan for the company is to open 50 stores in China and 40 stores in US in the next five years.The second goal is named â€Å"the social network†, the point is aimed at e-commence. In China, E-commerce is becoming more and more popular nowadays, in the date of 11 NOV and 12 DEC every year, there will be a large dis count online, on those date the sales will be more than 35 billion RMBs, the number is really amazing. The topshop has already had their online stores, and also have international business online, but only takes small shares. Our plan for the company is to build a world level website in different countries, and develop overseas online market.StrategyThere are some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.For the customers in China and US, they may not very familiar with the new brand, so a good promotion is very important for Topshop. In the advertisement, we should emphasis our brand is designed for local people, for example, in China, we should highlight that the fashion clothing are designed for the eastern people, and integrated with some local culture cooperate with some famous designers to promote the new product.To open the Chinese market, the first thing our brand needs is to publish Production Promotion Release Conference in the biggest cities in China like Bei jing or Shanghai, and open the first store in the central zone of these cities. In the summer of 2013, US famous fashion retailer brand Hollister open the first store in Salitun, Beijing, which is the popular commercial district in China, and release a fantastic fashion model performance, after that the sales of the store was growing very fast. This movement raised the awareness of the brand and gained more popularity among young people, the topshop may learn a lesson from it.

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Essay about Country Lovers versus The Necklace - 886 Words

It is amazing how two short stories can be so similar but yet so different even when it comes to marriage and gender roles. These particular literary works involve creative writing between the two stories that are being referred to would be The Necklace and Country Lovers. Both these stories are set in different places and keep the readers wondering throughout the story what the ending result is. And to even consider writing a literature that centers on this topic is truly fascinating and attention-grabbing to any readers, especially to those who are aware of American History and the heightened racial tension between the African Americans and the Caucasians in the South (Study mode).Country Lovers is a story based on forbidden love†¦show more content†¦Since this story is based back in the 1900s this was not allowed for an African American and a Caucasian man to date by law restricts even if they were madly in love with each other. Both of their parents had no clue about the secret relationship that they both shared. Between the two short stories, there are similarities and differences. The two short stories that were written in the same style; both of the stories were reflecting the third person point of view. Both of the stories had women as the main character, and both of the women suffered from tragedies that will change their life forever. Both of the stories involved a marriage-or-gender roles theme that tied the two literary works together. In the two short stories, there were multiple differences between the two authors. The Necklace was more about a married couple and how the lady was trying to live above her means that connects more with the theme. While Country Lovers was more about racism/ethnicity by this meaning black women and white men do not date because of the law back then and it was would seem like being disrespectful to the opposite race. In The Necklace Mathilde finally felt how she imagine herself once her rich friend let her borrow a necklace for the upcoming ball her and her husband were attending. When they attended this ball she felt a little luxury with the new dress her husband bought her and a nice expensive necklace her friend let her borrow forShow MoreRelated Evaluation of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Essay2345 Words   |  10 Pagesof the novel?s round characters, may be described as a creative, knowledgeable, and reserved man in his middle ages. The novel is unique in that Victor Frankenstein is both the protagonist and antagonist, consequentially creating a conflict of man versus himself. While Victor is the amazing scientist transcending scientific barriers to create an awesome monster, he is also the one creating the daemon which ends up destroying his life and reeking havoc upon society. Victor is noted for blaming himselfRead MoreMorality in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Novels Essay4239 Words   |  17 PagesErnestina: [His] conduct throughout this matter has been dishonourable, and by it [he has] forever forfeited the right to be considered a gentleman (Fowles 324). This is played out to such an extreme by the narrator that Charles has to leave the country - he no longer has the right to stay in a city where he has lost all respect as a gentleman. Therefore, Charles is remembered as the immoral character; not Sarah the prostitute. Similar to Sarahs situation is the condition of Gustine in TheRead MoreConsumer Lifestyle in Singapore35714 Words   |  143 Pages....................................................................................................... 36 Public Versus Private Healthcare ........................................................................................... 36 Attitudes To Health and Well-being ........................................................................................ 37 Over-the-counter Versus Prescription-only Medicines (otc Vs Pom) ...................................... 38 Sport and Fitness..............Read MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesdirections during this period. A magazine aimed at clubbers, Ministry, was launched in the mid-1990s and achieved a readership of 300,000. The Ministry of Sound radio show was broadcast in London and Central Scotland, besides being syndicated in 38 countries worldwide. The Ministry’s Relentless joint venture became the largest independent record label in the UK, with its Chill Out Sessions 1 and 2 reaching number one in the album charts and its So Solid Crew reaching the top of the singles charts. LargeRead MoreIgbo Dictionary129408 Words   |  518 Pages6.2.8 Aspect and tense in the indicative mood.....................................................................................................22 Simple versus Perfect aspect ................................................................................................ 22 The Simple Aspects: Progressive versus Non-Progressive ................................................ 23 The Perfect aspects: Completive and Incompletive ........................................